Glass Houses

So that happened
what did I see coming

Okay, so…I have family. Like important family.

I have two cousins ( or is it a cousin and an aunt?) and we have three others that are supposed to be our guardians. I mean I just don’t like this. Find out my dad’s a god, meet these people who I’m now staying with, help my cousin with as divine test – getting visions! That’s fun – that’s the most fun.

And now we just had two (three? Does she even count?) of my aunts show up, as basically a beacon to Zeus and it’s stupid. Like, we’re going to meet some crazy guy – who wants to kill Zeus and oh god, not even mention Aria’s crazy divine half-bro. Grant Harvest, she’s right – that is a dumb name.

I can’t think about any of this. Everyone’s looking at me to do something with these visions and I just don’t know. I miss my mom. I miss the team. I miss dicking around on days with nothing to do and staying over Rocket’s house and I can’t go back to that.

I can’t.

So, do what I can with what I got. Oggie’s cool, but man does she act like her dad when she’s pissed. Aria’s cool too, I mean having her dad – be well, him. That’s gotta be a trip. Halvard cool I guess. He’s so quiet that he’s kinda creepin. Not like legit, you scare me creepin, but HOLY HELL WHY ARE YOU RIGHT BEHIND ME WTF WHERE DID YOU COME FROM creepin’. (Creeping up behing you, Actual cannibal Halvard Winter, hahaha). Fashipe is pretty cool. He lets me have run of his study- WHICH HAS THIS SWEET ASS PIANO BTW. I mean if I were him and all this dumbshit was happening at my house, I’d have shit all of the bricks. Ace is weird…like she definitely has lot more to say about everything. But nothing, she just goes on like none of this something to bat an eye at. I mean the only time she seems concerned is if a pigvig shows or when that maenad showed.

Ugh, I’m rambling. But basically I’m in a house full of weird/awesome people, I keep seeing things and Hecate, Artemis and Athena showed up to basically send a signal flare to Zeus. Then Hecate gave Og a gold coin tracker thing. So I get the smart as fuck idea to touch it and now this crazy french dude is going to try and kill Zeus. Or Oggie. Or any of us Greeks really.



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