Aria Jameson

Daughter of Dionysus, Professional Party Planner


Calling: Party Planner Nature: Comrade
Pantheon: Dodekatheon God: Dionysus
Attributes: Strength 2,
Dexterity 4,
Stamina 3;
Charisma 5,
Manipulation 5,
Appearance 4;
Perception 5,
Intelligence 4,
Wits 4
Virtues: Expression 4, Intellect 4, Valor 2. Vengeance 3
Abilities: : Academics 2,
Animal Ken 3,
Art 3,
Athletics 4,
Awareness 5,
Command 3,
Control 1,
Empathy 6,
Fortitude 3,
Integrity 4,
Marksmanship 3**,
Medecine 1,
Occult 3,
Politics 4,
Presence 4,

Birthrights: Golden laurel (Mystery)(+2 to occult) Sting (Chaos, Emotion (desire))(Reliable Relic) (Upgrade:revolver w/Purview Ammo)
Relic 3 ???
Supernatural Powers:
Boons: Mystery 2,
Arete 2 (marksmanship)
Eye of the Storm, Murphy’s Law, Hornet’s Nest, Paralyzing Confusion, Persistant Echo, Impassion, Sabot
Emotional Awareness (Desire) Heart on My Sleeve (Desire), Irresistible Impulse (Desire), Read Between the Minds (Desire)

Epic Attributes: Epic Dexterity 3 (Ricochet Symphony, Trick Shooter, Shot to the Heart),
Epic Stamina 2 (Holy Fortitude, Inner Furnace),
Epic Charisma 3 (Charmer, Crowd control, Blessing of Importance),
Epic Manipulation 2 (Overt Order, Seductive Mien, Blurt it Out),
Epic Perception 2 (Sharpshooter, Empath, Eagle-Eyed)

Join Battle: 7
Clinch: Accuracy , Damage , Parry DV —, Speed , P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy , Damage B, Parry DV , Speed
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy , Damage B, Parry DV , Speed
9MM: Accuracy +9, Damage +6L, Parry DV , Speed 5, Range 30
Sting: Accuracy +9, Damage +9L, Parry DV , Speed 5, Range 50
Soak: 4L/5B
Health Levels: -0×7/Incap
Dodge DV: 9 Willpower: 8
Legend: 5 Legend Points: 25
Experience: 4
Other Notes:

Chaos Ammo-
Ichor Ammo- Fatebinds mortals, gives greeks marksmanship bonus dice, other pantheons???
Mystery Ammo-rounds made of storyteller discretion
Desire Ammo-Like cupid but with a gun and I make you /want/


Aria Jameson was raised by her mother, Sarah Jameson, in her informative years, but once she was old enough to begin attending school, her mother went back to work as a certified nurse with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in Lesotho, Africa. (At present day, Sarah is stationed in Somalia) With Sarah overseas, she left her daughter in the capable care of her sister and brother-in-law in Northeast Philadelphia. Once webcams became prominent enough, Sarah made sure to video-call her daughter regularly so that she was not absent in her life.

Aria was a relatively happy child, outgoing, friendly, personable and social. She was Aunt Lillian’s “little helper” for the quaint little parties that usually centered around good friends, old games like mahjong and bridge, good wine and snacks. When she was in high school, Aria went through a rather strong phase that could have been called “rebellious” but had little to do with lashing out against the popele who raised her and more to do with trying to experience everything life had to offer. She found herself a popular party guest at all sorts of events with all sort of substances, most of which illegal for the age of the party goers or just in general. She began to smoke cigarettes, got a few piercing and even a few tattoos. She would still find time to help her aunt with her parties and going to the firing range with her uncle.

In college, Aria found herself uncertain what to do with her life. She considered going into medicine like her mother but never had the grades or the desire to work in that field, so she gave up on that pretty quickly. She chose not to declare her major and take generalized classes or anything that seemed interesting and continued her wild streak of late nights and wild parties. She gave up on the idea of using drugs to enhance her good time, finding the risk to outweigh the benefits. She continued to smoke cigarettes and drink, though; the nicotine being an addiction at this point and the alcohol being something she could easily handle.

College turned out to be something she couldn’t keep up with. She hated the structure of it and for someone unsure what to do with their life, it didn’t feel like the place for her. She moved back in with her Aunt and Uncle and got a job at a bar in center city. One night, a woman at the bar who overheard her discussing an upcoming event to be held at the bar with a coworker, gave her a card.The woman worked for a party planning company and thought Aria could do well. Aria leapt at the opportunity, removing her piercings and letting them heal, cutting back on her own party-going and got herself an internship at the company.

Eventually she became a pretty well sought-after member of the company in her own right and abandoned her partying days almost completely. She became quite focused on doing well. She moved out of her aunt and uncle’s house and got an apartment of her own. Things went well for her professionally, but her personal life became shut out. Any downtime she had was usually spent planning for upcoming events, trimming her bonsai trees and having a glass of wine while she went over her emails before bed. She couldn’t even justify owning a pet like a cat because she wasn’t home enough to care for one properly and she would feel terrible about it. Her work became her life and though she loved it dearly it was starting to suffocate her soul whether she knew it or not. Tunnel-vision is a hell of a thing.

Aria Jameson

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