Marcus Andreadis

Son of Ares, Righteous Mercenary, Weapons Expert, Ex-Navy SEAL


Calling: Righteous Mercenary Nature: Gallant
Pantheon: The Dodekatheon God: Ares
Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 5, Stamina 5; Charisma 5, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4; Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 4
Virtues: Expression 2, Intellect 1, Valor 4, Vengeance 4
Determination: 0 Moments of Truth: 0 Legendary Deeds: 0
Abilities: Academics 2, Animal Ken 5, Art (Cooking) 3, Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Brawl 5, Command 5, Control (Automobiles) 2, Control (Boat) 2, Empathy 3, Fortitude 5, Integrity 4, Marksmanship 5, Medicine 1, Melee 5, Occult 2, Politics 2, Presence 3, Stealth 4, Survival 4, Thrown 5
Birthrights: Relic 5 (Ares’ Canine – Animal [Wolf]), Relic 5 (The Spear of Mars – War)
Supernatural Powers:
Boons: Animal Communication (Wolf), Animal Obedience (Wolf), Animal Aspect (Wolf), Call of the Wild (Wolf), Ride Animal (Wolf), Animal Feature (Wolf), Blessing of Bravery, Blessing of Insight, Battle Cry, Read The Ranks, Trimarkisia, Distraction Maneuver, Warrior Ideal, Battle Map, Fury of War, Mortal Stroke, Arete (Athletics) 2, Arete (Brawl) 2, Arete (Melee) 5
Legendary Boon: Modern Spartan
Epic Attributes: Epic Strength 5 (Crushing Grip, Divine Wrath, Uplifting Might, Hurl To The Horizon, Holy Bound, Holy Rampage, Knockback Attack), Epic Dexterity 5 (Lightning Sprinter, And The Crowd Goes Wild, Omnidexterity, Blitzkrieg, Lighting Swimmer, Perfect Partner), Epic Stamina 5 (Body Armor, Impenetrable, Invulnerable Nail, Damage Conversion, Holy Fortitude, Whale’s Breath), Epic Charisma 3 (Inspirational Figure, Natural Leader, Hapless Cool, Blessing of Importance), Epic Appearance 3 (Blinding Visage, Bedazzling Image, Doin’ Fine), Epic Perception 4 (Subliminal Warning, Environmental Awareness, In Your Dreams, Refined Palate, Spatial Attunement), Epic Wits 3 (Cobra Reflexes, Instant Assessment, Selfless Speed)
Join Battle: 9
Clinch: Accuracy 10, Damage 5L, Parry DV —, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 9, Damage 8L, Parry DV 15, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 11, Damage 5L, Parry DV 17, Speed 4
The Spear of Mars: Accuracy 12, Damage 9A, Parry DV 17, Speed 5, P
M4A1 Carbine with SOPMOD Accessory Kit: Accuracy 10, Damage 5L, Range 150, Clip 30, Speed 5, P
M11 Sig Sauer P228: Accuracy 11, Damage 3L, Range 30, Clip 13, Speed 4, P
Soak: 5A/14L/16B
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/Incap
Move: 16 yards Dash: 33 yards Jump: 42 yards
Lift: 45 tons Throw: 800 miles Perceive: 300 yards
Dodge DV: 19 Willpower: 5
Legend: 5 Legend Points: 25
Experience: 0 Total Experience: 500
Other Notes: Marcus was given Ares’ Canine, a wolf tooth made to be worn around the neck. It allows him to access the Animal (Wolf) Purview, as well as granting a bonus die on any Animal (Wolf) activation roll. He is also able to commune directly with the Hounds of Ares, and is able to call them to his aide once per story. He was also given the Spear of Mars, a powerful relic weapon once carried by his father. In addition to granting access to the War Purview, the spear is able to transform into a smaller form so that it can be worn on his back with ease, or concealed beneath a jacket. At his ascension to Demigod, the spear was enchanted with the ability to deal aggravated damage permanently.
Animal Notes: Animal Aspect (Strength/Perception), Animal Feature (Claws, +5 Brawl)


Marcus Andreadis was born on March 27, 1976 in Denver, Colorado. Born to George Andreadis, a professor at the University of Denver, and his wife, Sofia, Marcus was raised in an average middle-class household. His childhood was fairly normal, and his parents were the rather typical overattentive Greek parents.

Marcus started school when he was 6, and while his elementary years were rather uneventful, as he grew older he noticed that he always seemed to be somewhat larger than his classmates. His mother would always tell him that it was because of his “good Greek genes” and leave it at that, though Marcus always suspected that he wasn’t being told everything.

Marcus dress uniform

When he started high school, Marcus quickly rose to become one of the most popular kids. He was a star athlete, being the starting quarterback on the varsity football team and captain of the track and field team, and was voted prom king at both the Junior and Senior Proms. He was an average student and didn’t really enjoy the academic side of school, though he maintained passing grades.

Despite the stereotype of jocks and athletes being bullies, Marcus was quite the opposite. He made sure that during his tenure as quarterback none of his teammates engaged in bullying, and he often intervened when he came upon a classmate being bullied.

During his Senior Year, Marcus expressed to his parents that he wished to join the military, after attending a seminar given by a United States Navy Recruiter at his school. His father expressed reluctance, which Marcus found strange given that he taught military analysis and policy, but his mother encouraged him to follow his heart.

Marcus was voted to speak at his high school graduation, given his popularity with both students and faculty. Following graduation in June of 1993, he enlisted in the United States Navy and left for Recruit Training Command at Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago, Illinois. During the eight weeks, Marcus excelled in his training, though he showed particular aptitude during Week Four’s weapons training.

Marcus seal

After completing basic training, Marcus qualified to enroll in the “A” school to achieve his Gunner’s Mate occupational rating. While many of his classmates left for other “A” schools around the country, the Gunner’s Mate training was held at Naval Station Great Lakes. Following completion of his training, Marcus was officially awarded the Gunner’s Mate rating by the Bureau of Naval Personnel, and assigned to the United States Seventh Fleet in the Pacific Ocean aboard the USS George Washington, flagship of the Carrier Strike Group 5.

Marcus was awarded the rank of Petty Officer First Class in 1997, and was offered an appointment to the Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida following a recommendation by his commanding officer. He accepted and in May of 1998, was commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy. In July of 1998, he volunteered to enter training to become a Navy SEAL. Marcus passed the initial screening after only 4 weeks with near perfect scores, and was sent to begin his Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training at Naval Special Warfare Center, Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, California.

Marcus spent the next year in training, and he became a shining example of the perfect soldier, far surpassing the expectations of his training officers. Following completion of his BUD/S and SEAL Qualification Training, he earned his SEAL Trident in August of 1999 and was assigned to SEAL Team 3 in Coronado, California. In October of 2001, Marcus was deployed to Afghanistan along with his Team to support Operation Enduring Freedom.

Marcus spent the next year two years with SEAL Team 3 supporting operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He proved to be one of the most capable and skilled SEALs on Team 3, and was eventually promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to a platoon as Assistant Officer in Charge. In 2003, Marcus was approached to apply for transfer to the highly classified and elite United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, also known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team 6.

Marcus seal team

Upon returning to the United States, Marcus was subjected to the stringent process of selection and recruitment. He easily passed the selection phase, and was officially inducted into SEAL Team 6, assigned to the assault team known as Red Squadron. Following a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and given command of Red-Spartan, one of three troops in Red Squadron, he was deployed to Qatar to support both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Marcus spent the better part of the next four years conducting covert and classified missions throughout the Middle-East, Asia, and other parts of the world. He earned praise from many of his commanding officers within the Joint Special Operations Command, leading some to labeling him as one of the “best boys we’ve ever had”.

In late 2007, while deployed on a classified mission in South America, Marcus’ squad came under fire by a force of guerrilla fighters utilizing highly advanced weaponry. Just as they were about to be overrun, the enemy ceased fire and their commander called out Marcus’ name, telling him to reveal himself or he will be forced to kill his team. Marcus carefully walked out into open jungle and was immediately knocked unconscious.

Marcus awoke some time later to find himself at a secluded camp deep in the jungle, with the guerrilla commander watching him. He was a large, powerfully built man – not unlike Marcus – and he had the eyes of a hardened soldier. The man bluntly introduced himself as Ares, the Greek God of War, and that he was Marcus’ father. Believing him to be insane, Marcus attempted to overpower him, but was easily defeated. Ares further explained that Marcus was a Scion, a being born from the mating of a divine being and mortal.

Ares spent many hours talking – and training in combat – with his son, explaining the dire situation of the war between the Gods of old and the Titans, the truth of the world, and that Marcus would soon be able to call upon the power of his ichor – the divine power flowing in his veins. Eventually, Ares and his men – which he revealed to be mortal followers – assisted Marcus in completing his mission.

Marcus plain clothes

Just before Ares departed, he explained that Marcus could no longer be a SEAL and that he would see to it that his son receives an honorable discharge – his way of saying he was proud of his son. Ares then left the mortal plane, and as he did, a mighty spear fell to the ground, followed by a wolf’s tooth. Through these birthrights, Marcus found the ability to channel his divine powers.

The world appeared different with the new knowledge that humans were not alone in existence, and Marcus found his new powers to be a great gift. Over the course of nearly five years, Marcus became a mercenary of sorts, traveling the world and assisting teams of Scions – called Bands – in whatever quests they may have been given. He did not leave mortals to their own devices, however, as he would often find himself taking jobs from mortals, and he became one of the most respected mercenaries in the world.

Marcus Andreadis

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