John's Experience Journal


Animal (german Shepard) (Preferably as a creature birthright)


Venator, God of Just Hunts, Stealth, and Recompense.
Patron god of law enforcement, Venator is known to help any who ask in the arrest and prosecution of the unjust. He and his hunting dogs will chase the unjust to the ends of existence and back if necessary. A hero to agents of the law and the stuff of nightmares to those who oppose them, he never gives up on a manhunt once it has begun.

“No matter how far you run or how well you hide, justice will be done.”

Myles was adopted by Ben and Joan Myles when he was just a few weeks old. Ben was a well respected officer and worked his way up to Captain before retiring, Joan worked part time as a clerk at the precinct. Ben was very social within the precinct and often had his fellow officers over for a “Boys in blue BBQ” where they would have a Grill-off, As a result John grew up constantly surrounded by the NY finest men and steaks.

John went to the police academy right out of high school. He and three of his friends from high school all joined together, two of the three washed out but John and his buddy Phil graduated together a few years later. They were even partners for 2 years until John joined S.W.A.T. A few months afer that Phil got premoted to detective.

John was always a great shot even back when he was a teenager on hunting trips with his Father. He still holds the marksmenship highscores at both the police acadamy and SWAT school. After joining SWAT he was quickly comended for his marksmenship and high rate of sucsess (witch only got higher after his visitation)

John had just finished a long day at work, he had been sitting on a rooftop for 10 hours before the call came in for the breach. John fired two shots, putting one round in the shoulder of each of the hostage takers guarding the door. Thus clearing a path for the ground teams to enter and subdue the rest. Nobody died and everyone got out safe, it was a long day with a good ending.
After a few celebratory beers with the guys John made his way home. As he walked thru the door to his apartment he noticed a girl with long black hair in an elegant white dress standing on the fire escape outside his window looking up at the moon. At first he just assumed it was a tenant from another floor who got drunk and wandered off . He was no more than two steps in the door just about to call out to her when she said
“hello John.”
John froze. He had never met this girl before.
John: “uh, do I know you?”
The girl chuckled as she looked over her shoulder
Girl: “you might have heard of me.”
John walked to the window and looked the girl over.
John: “yea…. not ringing any bells.”
Girl: “I, am Artemis.”
John: “Artemis, as in the roman goddess?”
Artemis: “Greek actually, my roman form is known as Diana.”
John: “ooookay, well I gonna call the men in the white chariot to take you back to Olympus.”
John turned to grab the phone but Atremis was already there phone in hand with the cord ripped out of the wall. John did a double take back to the window.
John: “the hell?…… how did?…… you were just…… wait so… really your a..a
Artemis: “God.”
John: “Really?”
Artemis sighed And dropped the phone.
Artemis: “No this is all an elaborate prank, Aston Kucther is in the next room.”
After John recovered from the sarcasm tsunami that Artemis just just slapped with, he regained his composure.
John: “ok so your ….Artemis, does that mean the rest of the greek gods are real too?”
Artemis: “yes.”
John: “So all the other religions are wrong?”
Artemis: “ No, most old religions are also real….. its complicated”
John: “ok so all gods are real. … so , no offense but why are you here?”
Artemis: “I am here because you are my son, and there are a few things you should know about being a Scion, for instance….”
John: “whoa whoa, back up your my mother?”
Artemis: “Adoptive.”
John: “so I have two Adoptive Mothers?…. Then who is my Bio-Mom?”
Artemis looked up as if talking with someone then looked back at john
Artemis: “Not for me to say.”
John: “but…(sigh) alright, fine then whats a scion?”
Artemis: “I was getting to that. A Scion is a child of one divine parent, and one mortal one. At some point in a Scions life there divine parent visits the child as I am now and activates their “icor” or divine blood. You can probably already feel the changes, feeling stronger… smarter…. senses sharper?
John: “I don’t know I guess….. wait , every thing looks sharper…. whats that smell?
Artemis: “That would be the bakery over on 41st getting ready to start the day.”
John: “But … thats five blocks from here.”
Artemis: “yes it is.”
John: “huh,…. so you show up and give me this power, I get get that much but my question is … why, …… what for? Am I just suppose to go back to my life new and improved and carry on?”
Artemis: “For now, familiarize your self with your new abilities. When the time comes I will have a mission for you.”
John: “Ok… , anything else I should know?”
Artemis: “No but there are somethings you will need.”
Artemis reached into the folds of her dress and pulled out a single strap backpack (that should not have fit in the folds of her dress) and handed it to John.
Artemis: “Here.”
Artemis put out her hand as if to shake Johns. As he clasped her hand she reached out and grabbed his forearm with her free hand. When John looked down at his arm where she was holding him a brown mass started to grow around his arm from under her palm. The mass had just covered his entire forearm, when a blinding shock shot through his whole body, it resonated in his skull for a few moments before slowly fading. When John was able to open his eyes again he was amazed to find a red stained leather bracer with bronze accents perfectly molded to his forearm where the mass was a few moments ago.
John:(panting) “The hell was that?”
Artemis pointed at the bracer
Artemis: “That is Beast Slayer, it is a very old relic. It is very particular about who is serves but once it has chosen to do so it serves until death. That pain you felt was a test. It dug deep into your mind, body and spirt to see every thing you are, have been or might one day be. That relic learned more about your true nature in a few moments than you could discover in a lifetime. When it bonds with someone it sacrifices its very sentience in order to serve as the perfect conduit of your will. Be grateful it chose to serve for there is NO higher praise.”
John looked at Beast Slyer in Awe.
Artemis: “many have failed this test,…… hence the red hue of the leather.”
John looked at Beast Slayer with a mixture of awe and shocked revulsion.

John's Experience Journal

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