Pantheons may be selected either from any of the official White Wolf Scion resources, or the Pantheons as written at John’s Scion Resources. You must inform the Storyteller which version you are using.

Permitted Pantheons

  • The Aesir (Norse)
  • The Amatsukami (Japanese)
  • The Annuna (Mesopotamian)
  • The Aztlanti (Aztec)
  • The Celestial Bureaucracy/Shen (Chinese)
  • The Devas (Indian)
  • The Dodekatheon (Greek)
  • The Loa (Voodoo)
  • The Manitou (Native American)
  • The Nemetondevos (Gaul)
  • The Pesedjet (Egyptian)
  • The Tuatha de Danann (Irish)
  • The Yazata (Persian)

Pantheons Permitted Case-by-Case

Prohibited Pantheons

  • The Allied (Britain/France/Russian)
  • The Atlantean (Atlantis)
  • The Yankee (American)


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